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The bot doesn't respond to my commands... Commands dont work if you have a space after or before the command. Also check if Micro has access to the channel you are typing in (the bot will show up in the member list if it has access to that channel).
Why aren't a lot of commands showing up? This may be because Micro doesn't have the (Embed Links) permission. To enable, go to Server Settings -> Roles -> Micro -> Allow (Embed Links).
Why aren't my memes showing up? You may experience the meme command shows (Try again later.). This means we've run out of fresh memes and you will gain them back as soon as possible. This is to prevent repetitive memes.
Can I develop for Micro? Contact people with the Management role on the Support Server. Our DMs are open.
Does Micro have a dashboard? Micro currently has no dashboard at the moment. We understand that many users would like a dashboard, and that is why we currently are working on one. But in the mean time, you can use many of our commands to manage how Micro works on your server.
What is my prefix? You can check the servers prefix by saying @Micro#8785 prefix. When you have done that it will show what the server's prefix is. Any server can change the prefix with -setprefix [new prefix].
Where/what is Micro hosted on? We currently do not disclose this information for security reasons, sorry.